Your Dream Outfit Starts Here

A step-by-step guide on our bespoke process

Step 1 - Your Vision

It costs nothing to discuss your ideas. You will start the journey to your perfect outfit with a free consultation, at a time and a place convenient to you. We will discuss your initial ideas and inspiration. Don't worry if you are unsure, as I will help you explore every possibility.


Step 2 - Design Development and Fabric Sampling

We will meet for a second time to discuss combinations of pre-drawn initial designs and fabric options. At this point changes can be made to initial sketches where one will be developed into an agreed final design. Before you leave, your measurements will be taken so that work can begin on turning your vision into a reality.

Step 3 - Creating and Fitting

With your approved design, I will create custom patterns using your specific measurements. A toile will be made and you will be invited to your first fitting. During the toile fitting I will ensure you are happy with the design and any changes will be undertaken. Fabric choices will be finalised at this point. Work can now be started on your final outfit and you will be invited back for a series of fittings and once the fit is perfect, the finer details of your garment are carefully added.


Step 4 - The Final Fitting & Your Perfect Outfit

After perfecting your garment, you will be invited to a final fitting where you will try on for one final time. It will then be safely packaged for you to take away with you. 

You are now ready to attend your event, wearing an outfit you thought could only exist in your mind. Your vision has become a reality.


Appointment Times

1 hour appointments are available during the times below

Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm 

Sat: 9am-12:00pm

Sun: Closed

We are contactable for enquiries 24/7 by email and across all of our social media platforms 


Transform Your Dress

I can help you personalise your outfit and take it to another level. 

If you have a dress that you love, but feel there is just something missing, then see how I can transform your dress with subtle additions. 

I offer bespoke personalisation from from overlays and capes to additional beading.

Book a free no obligation consultation to start your journey


(Pictured - One of our plain bridal gowns completely transformed by a highly detailed lace overlay)


Our Business Partners

Your dream outfit is just the beginning

See how our official business partners can make your event extra special.


Keith Mitchell Photography


Keith Mitchell is an experienced Professional Photographer/Tutor/Consultant/Image Editor who works in all genres, such as Portfolios, Weddings, Portraiture, Fashion, Boudoir, Corporate, Product, Architectural and Events. With use of his Leicestershire studio, we are able to offer, for your final fitting, a choice from two photography packages with Keith.



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